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queen’s day

Today is queen’s day here in The Netherlands. Not Beatrix. It’s meant for Juliana, her late mother. As far as I can remember I have always stayed at home on this very day. Most probably being busy in my back garden. It is because the day falls always on april 30. So the day is […]

rabu yang lalu

Rabu yang lalu teman Belanda saya, Bertien, datang berkunjung bersama anak laki-lakinya, Leonard, 11 tahun. Bertien datang cuma ingin main. Ingin ngobrol. Lagipula dia baru satu kali ke rumah saya sebelum rabu lalu. Itu pun cuma sebentar, bersama Rohan, seorang teman Indonesia di sini. Tapi Leonard ikut sebab dia bilang ingin belajar masak. Hari itu […]

lettuce leaves stay fresh

Sometimes we have some lettuce petals over after making salad for lunch or dinner. How to keep the leftover greens so that they stay fresh for several more days? Keeping the greens in the refrigerator is not really a solution. after 1-2 days in the refrigerator the greens will start to sleep or even turn […]