About me


My name is Retno. I come from Indonesia but have been living in The Netherlands since the last almost 8 years.

I love tropical midday rain. Especially when it downpours from heaven after so many dry days. The smell of the dry soil suddenly touched by the rain water is very earthy. I love that smell. It is the smell of my memorable childhood. And I always miss that particular earthy smell. such smell doesn’t exist here in The Netherlands. It is very typically tropical. And that’s why I name my blog hujan tengah hari. It means midday rain.

I write any topics on hujan tengah hari. Nothing particular. Just daily ones. But since I love nature very much, many of my postings are about nature.

I love gardening, too. But I don’t consider myself as having proper knowledge about gardening. I have grown my interest in plants and gardening at a very early age from and because of my parents. My mother comes from a farmer family. Her grandfather from mother side was a farmer. My father does not, but he has really great interest in plants. I have learned quite many things about plants and gardening from them by watching and asking them every now and then. In my opinion, my parents have the traditional wisdom about plants. Mainly those used for medicinal purposes. They are my endless source of knowledge and wisdom. So, I just do. Therefore, I can not even say that I am an amateur gardener. Perhaps I should just call myself a gardening lover.. :)

I write most of my postings for hujan tengah hari in my mother tongue, Bahasa Indonesia. Indonesian language. There is no particular reason for that except that I just feel very comfortable thinking, speaking and writing in my mother tongue. But I do speak English and Dutch. So if you are a non-Indonesian speaking person and you find any difficulties in translating and understanding my writings, or if you have questions, just any questions, about what I have written on hujan tengah hari please feel free to write me and ask. You can reach me on retnopudjiastuti at yahoo dot com. And your comments are most welcome.

I wish you a nice time reading hujan tengah hari.

– Retno –



  1. Hi Retno!
    Saya baru datang kesini dan membaca beberapa posts. Suka sekali tulisan kamu yang tentang daun pandan. Oleh karena itu ingin tanya apakah ada kesempatan beli dari pada kamu daun pandan sedkitik yg masih pake akarnya dan yang bisa hidup di tanaman saya?

    Sebentar lagi saya travel ke Amsterdam, harapan sy besara bisa ketemu kamu dan beli daun tersebut. Sy tinggal diluar Belanda dan sudah beberapa tahun dimana-mana cari daun itu tapi sampai sekarang belum dapat :(
    Maaf sy tulis lewat comment tetapi benar-benat kurang tahu bagaimana sy bisa kontakt kamu.

    Best regards,

    1. Hai Yohana,
      terima kasih sudah mampir di blog Hujan Tengah Hari dan meninggalkan pesan yang membesarkan hati.

      tentu saya bisa memberimu bibit pandan. kamu tinggal di mana? dan kapan akan datang ke Amsterdam?

      silakan meninggalkan alamat emailmu di kotak komentar ini. nanti akan saya hubungi kamu lewat email. terima kasih.


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