international mother’s day

This late morning I went to the church in Arnhem by public bus. Along the way I saw people heading somewhere with flower bouquets in their hands. On foot. By bicycle and motorcyle. For sure also by cars. they were going to visit their mothers. A nice scene to see.

Today is the celebration of the international mother’s day. So, people in The Netherlands also celebrate it. That’s why.

And yes, a flower bouquet is the most favorite gift to give to mothers on the mother’s day.

Yesterday early afternoon my husband and I went to the market in the heart of Arnhem. It was busier  than usual. Not only the market but also the whole shopping centre which is annexed by the market. It was because many people were trying to find and buy something to give to their mothers as a mother’s day gift. Unfortunately a serious road construction was being done on some main roads. So they were closed temporarily and the automobiles were directed and transferred to alternative ones. It made the whole situation even more hectic. I should say: chaotic.

We hardly go out of home in the weekends. If we do, we surely prefer driving through more touristic roads, avoiding the main roads as much as possible. But yesterday we wanted to go to the florist outlet where we always go whenever we need to buy a flower bouquette. Yes… a flower bouquet. We would like to bring and give it to Ron’s mother, my mother-in-law, this evening as a mother’s day gift.

Yes! We got caught in the chaos, too…

Thank God! Finally we were home again at 16.00, starving!! But we have a flower bouquet to give to mother this evening. A beautiful one!

Happy (International) Mother’s Day!

* * * * * * *


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