a small hope will do

Almost end of April I started to sow some varieties of vegetable seeds. Something I have been doing for the last six years. Tomato and red chili are always my top priorities. But courgette or zucchini has become my favorite, too, since the last three years.

I never tried to grow it before. It was because I had never consumed one before three years ago. Besides, my husband does not like the taste of courgette, or pumpkin, aubergine or other vegetables of that sort. For him they are simply and totally tasteless.

One day four years ago, the summer was heading to its end and it was time for many kinds of vegetables to be harvested. I went to visit a friend in the neighbouring town. Once I entered her kitchen… olala! Her kitchen table was covered by courgettes. One of the harvests of her kitchen garden. Some were already too big.

At the time I was visiting her, she just came back from visiting her family in her home country. The courgette plant was still a baby when she left. But, well, courgette plant grows fiercefully like hell once it is able to get in tune with the surrounding ground. And I think that year she grew more than just one. And actually the harvest of one courgette plant would be enough to feed one family. And still there are quite plenty left to be given away. For once it starts to bear fruit, it will produce fruits unstoppably until the freezing cold of autumn kills it slowly but sure.

So, she gave me three courgettes to bring back home. She did try to make me bring more though. But I refused. Who will eat them? There live only my husband and I in the house. And my husband doesn’t consume courgette.

So that’s the story how I started to grow courgette in my back garden. This year I would go on with the tradition.

I put two seeds in a small square plastic tray. The seeds germinated I think only after four days. It feels as if the seeds hatched so effortlessly. I admire them every single day. I even talk to them. Hahaha… Yeah! Some insanity is in the air.

Once the seed has germinated it starts to grow in full speed. Oh my! Courgette is a speedy gonzales kind of plant indeed. I took them out of the soil where I planted the seeds and moved each of them to two small pots. It’s to allow them to grow a couple more pairs of leaf before finally I put them in the ground in the back garden. But one of them got bent on the stem very close to the root. I think I noticed it when moving it to the pot. But I did not realize it was that bad.

Both baby plants were fainted after the repotting. The stem bent down and the leaves lied on one edge of the pot. I thought it was normal as sometimes it happens after repotting. One started to get fresh only after less than one hour. But the other one remained the same. Lifeless. I started to worry. So I put both under a table lamp with the light on. The already fresh one slowly looked ever fresher. Not the other one. Still lifeless. I did not know what to do.

It was my husband who came to my recue. He took a skewer from the kitchen and put it into the soil just next to the lifeless stem to help hold the stem so that it would stand erect as straight as possible.

Oohh.. It worked! The lifeless courgette baby plant started to get fresh and stand erect on its own after some time. Thank you, lieve schat! You are my hero. You are the hero of my back garden, too! Two days after that day the fainted young plant even started to grow a new bud which now has turned into a new baby leaf.


I am happy. I have hope again for it… thanks to my husband. :)

* * * * * * *


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