queen’s day

Today is queen’s day here in The Netherlands. Not Beatrix. It’s meant for Juliana, her late mother. As far as I can remember I have always stayed at home on this very day. Most probably being busy in my back garden. It is because the day falls always on april 30. So the day is supposed to be already quite warm to work in the back garden, preparing it to be ready to carry baby veggies for the coming summer. So, I will just celebrate today and every other day as my own queen’s day.

I did it, too, today, the so called queen’s day 2012. Ron, my husband chose to wash his car. Perfect! It meant I could be busy in my back garden. I needed to put my two chayote plants in the soil. They had been growing in pots indoor since I’ve arrived back in The Netherlands on april 2. So that was what I did on the queen’s day 2012 morning. And that was not all. I also loosened the soil on the right line. But it was an easy thing to do since the soil was already quite loose. I was done within 20 minutes.

Being done replanting the chayotes and loosening the soil of the right line I got back into the kitchen. Then I turned my world from being an amateur gardener into a bread baker…also an amateur one. Well…there’s nothing bad about being amateur, isn’t there?

The end result of thing bread baking session were a big piece of whole-wheat bread with tomatoes, sliced sausages and chunks of camembert cheese and a big piece of focaccia with rough seasalt and rosemary. I am happy!

When the sun was going to set I pulled myself from where I was sitting – I was sitting in front of tivi, watching world snooker championship 2012 – to go back to my back garden to put my lettuce babies into the soil. I bought them from the plant stand at Arnhem market on last friday morning. Afterwards I asked my husband to plant 4 thick wooden stick so that I could use them as pillars to put net to save the lettuce baby from bird’s attack. Well, one thing you should know, I am the owner of my back garden alright. But I do have some serious competitors. They are wild birds. Sparrows, 2 pairs of pigeon and my favorite, a pair of english blackbird. Hhmmm… Watching them conquering my whole back garden always makes my day.. :)

So that was my story of The Netherlands’ queen’s day 2012. I will go back to the cough my my Indonesian traditional dinner, gulai nangka Padang, there and watching tivi. And it will be another snooker game. Yeaahh!!


* * * * * * *


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