This afternoon we — my husband and I — went to a kinderboerderij, around 20 minutes drive from our home.

What is a kinderboerderij?

Literally, kinderboerderij means farmhouse for children.  It is actually a pet zoo. In The Netherlands the local governments (townhalls) arrange  pet zoos for children. There we can find some kinds of animals — mostly livestocks (domesticated animals) — such as goats, cows, pigs, turkeys, chicken, pigeons, sheeps and rabbits. Quite often there are some hamsters, white mice and cavias, too. And sometimes, when the kinderboerderij is big enough, we may even find a peacock or two.

Photo-0018A kinderboerderij is a place — other than zoo — where children in The Netherlands may learn to know more kinds of animals than just pets (dogs, cats). There they may also grow more love for animals. They may touch, caress and even feed those animals. But to feed them, they are not allowed to bring food from home. The staffs of the kinderboerderij have prepared dry grass and breads in small buckets. Then they need only to ask for a bucket of pieces of bread or a bunch of dry grass to feed the animals. And there they are, feeding the pigs or goats…!!

In a quite big kinderboerderij we may also find a small open-air playground for children. When they feel already tired or bored playing with goats or feeding the pigs or rabbits, they may have some fun by playing on the playground.

Photo-0043Kinderboerderij, as meant to be, is actually for children. But when we go there, we may find a lot of adults, too. And even elderly people. Of course some of them are bringing their children or grandchildren there. But even adults and elderly people without children and grandchildren also find it fun to spend their afternoon there. Especially when the day is bright, sunny and warm.

So, that’s a way how we can enjoy our afternoon in The Netherlands. And it’s for free!

* * * * * * *


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